Ban Fracking

October 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

For years I have been going from Dr to Dr throughout Michigan trying to find out what was wrong with me, all tests returned “normal”. One Dr said I was “hormonal” and at age 68 took out my ovaries. After that I had part of my colon removed because of an abnormal growth, I have a colonoscopy every year because of so many adenomas with cancer cells and precancerous cells in them. In 2011 they took out seven (7). My colon surgery was done by a Dr in Grand Rapids six weeks after a surgeon in Traverse City told me there was nothing wrong with me. I was in excruciating pain in my side so I called the former Ferguson Clinic where my husband sent his patients and they took me without a referral.

I had an abnormal growth in my colon that she said she had never seen anything like it before. I was called “several names” by Drs, but I knew there was something seriously wrong with me. They sent me to a Psychologist, he said I had a sleep disorder, although, he never tested me and of which he did not have the educational background to test me and also recommended I go on Psychotropic drugs. I asked him if he was crazy, I was trying to clear my brain not make it worse.

I was dying a slow and horrendous death and no one would, or could help me. My nightmare went on for years, until my neighbor at his cottage came to borrow a tool and smelled the gas. When you live and smell the rotten egg odor daily from Natural Gas, you become immune to it. My neighbor worked for another gas company down state and demanded Consumers Energy come and find the leak and he would let them leave my home until they found it. He later told me that he smelled so much gas in my home, that if it would have blown up, it would have taken out the neighborhood.

CE employees always told me “it would NOT hurt me” and the man who came most often with the gas detector told me he would pray for me. I appreciated the prayers, but I wanted the gas leak found. CE also told me to buy a Carbon Monoxide Detector, but CM and Natural Gas are two completely different death sentences. CM, the burn off of Natural Gas kills within hours, the raw Natural Gas kills slowly.

CE’s training manual teaches their employees that Natural gas is NOT harmful, while other gas companies train their employees as to how dangerous and toxic that it actually is. I am fighting to make CE change their training manual and demanding their employees do not leave a business or a home until they find the leak. I am also trying to make them buy better gas detectors.

The other problem I had is when I learned I might be a victim of Natural Gas Poisoning and took information back to my Drs, they told me “there was NO such thing as Natural Gas Poisoning.” I have contacted three Medical Schools in MI and the Michigan State Medical Society to ask them to start training and teach Drs about Environmental Toxins and recognize the symptoms.

It took me a year after the gas leak was found to find a Dr in Texas who could test and diagnose me. The minute he walked into the examining room with Drs from Italy and the Philippines who were there for training with this Dr, he pointed out my facial features which changed considerably, calling attention the effects of Natural Gas Poisoning. I signed papers for them to take pictures of me, so this Dr could use them in his training seminars on Natural Gas Poisoning. His diagnostic letter is enclosed showing the petro chemicals and solvents in my body all associated with Natural Gas.

I live in constant horrific pain, allergic to everything, gas fumes from boats and snowmobiles, bonfires, outside grill fumes, break out in welts if I am in the sun very long. Have to wear long sleeves to work in my garden. I have to eat all organic and meat from grass fed animals. I have to carry carbon masks with me all the time as I never know what I might react to. There is NO cure for me. Everything found in my brain and body are all carcinogenic and are all found in the different gases in Natural Gas.

If you want to see what “fracking” does, look up PBS on your Internet and watch “Gasland” a documentary by Josh Fox. He is working on another documentary and has been banned from Congress after he filmed Gasland.

I inhaled Natural Gas fumes from a leak in my home for over sixteen (16) years, but I am sure drinking contaminated water from fracking would cause the same type of medical problems that I am suffering with.

Fracking is even worse, as over 596 Chemicals are placed into the Earth for the explosion to get to the gas. These chemicals then penetrate the water system and there is NO WAY of correcting these toxic poisons once they are in the water table.

Consumers Energy gave me a death sentence and fracking will give a death sentence to the State of Michigan and it’s inhabitants.

We have enough toxins flowing into Michigan from Canada’s garbage which also needs to stop since Canada has thousands of acres of open forests where they could take their own garbage.

Michigan is surrounded by water and we are the richest State in the World with fresh clean water. Fracking will destroy our water and our State.

Beware of fracking; watch Gasland and you will understand why.

Gerry Seger


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