Barker disputes Fachting

September 7, 2019

Dear Editor:

The premise that appears to lie behind Daniel Fachting’s 30 August 2019 column, “Warning,” is that Christianity in general and his particular brand, Roman Catholicism, has an absolute monopoly on all truth and anyone who doesn’t agree or holds a different world view is immoral, heretical, worldly, and in error. He warns his readers about their children being exposed to ideas that are in contradiction to the church dogma they are being taught and their need to “explain the falseness of these ideas.”

It seems that if Fachting had his way all children of conservative Christians would be cocooned throughout childhood and kept from being exposed to alternative views, and competitive ideas.  I find it sad that he believes being exposed to diverse views contrary to his Christian belief system as being “bad.”  Does he dislike the competition of ideas?   For him is the only good morality one that is filtered through Christian dogma?   I would suggest that it is a form of child abuse to have children exclusively exposed to only Christianity or any one particular religion.  

Millions of parents choose not to have their children indoctrinated in any religion allowing  them as adults make their own choice to embrace religion or not.  Children can be raised to have a morality of compassion, kindness, goodness, empathy, and justice toward others without an affiliation to any institutional religion.   I have good friends who are atheists whose children are upstanding, good citizens, with a healthy sense of right and wrong.  One can be moral and good without adherence to a religion or a belief in god.  

Mr. Fachting bemoans that two of his siblings  dared to question the Roman Catholic dogmatic belief they were indoctrinated with and as a result chose to repudiate it as well as two others who chose to be believers but still left Roman Catholic Church.  He and four other siblings chose to continue with it hook, line, and sinker.  I wonder if Mr. Fachting ever tried to seriously understand why his siblings chose either disavow Roman Christianity altogether or just leave its institutional church. 

In his column Mr. Fachting cites some excellent reasons why people today are rejecting dogmatic religion:  Religion and the church were invented by a patriarchy of males to control and manipulate people by threatening a non-existence hell/damnation, and the promise of heaven for those who tow the church line; The bible is not the word of god, but only the words of men describing down through the millennia the changing understanding of god by humans at any given time. 

I have my own warning for those parents who have chosen not to raise their children by exposing them to narrow-minded, dogmatic religion but to have an open, curious mind toward a diversity of thought and ideas.  My warning is that their children are going to be bombarded with conservative religious dogma, such as anti-science creationism, biblicalism, and threats of hell and damnation if they don’t believe, by fanatical  “true believers” seeking to proselytize them.   Parents must be prepared to counter such destructive ideas when their child comes home and asks about such ludicrous views.       

The Rev. Bro. Robert Barker

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