Bias in the courtroom

November 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

My son, an eight year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and an Iraqi War Veteran stepped into a Clare County Court room on his daughters 2nd birthday to have the judge (judge is in lowercase as a sign of disrespect; this is the one that presided over this case and is not my feeling to the profession in general) let his soon to be ex-wife leave the state of Michigan with their child. No one can understand why the judge approved this because her and her family are from Farwell.

When I was called in to testify; my son stood up to ask me a question – only to have the judge belittle him by saying; “Oh sit down. You watch too much television. Do you know what that little black thing on the table is:” To which my son said “yes judge”. The judge then said “speak into it”.

My son was brought up to respect his elders and those in positions of authority. This was also reinforced by the United States Marine Corps. It’s required and expected to give up your seat if they need it or when someone of authority addresses you. I guess that when they announce that the Judge is coming in or out of the courtroom that you no longer have to do this. I guess I’ll remember to any further visits that I may have in this judge’s courtroom.

So I ask what right does this judge have to be disrespectful to another person and be just plain rude (a bully mentality). Then to add injury to insult take away the ability for him to see his daughter. A loving father who raised the child since his discharge from the Marine Corps in August of 2011 through her leaving him in February 2012 and for the last few months (most of June, July and August). He did this after the mother abandoned her two children over the summer. She left one daughter from a previous marriage, with her parents and left my son and her daughter with him. She did this so she could go to North Carolina and live with her male cousin and according to her Facebook site; it was to party and find a new father for her kids. This would make number 6 but who’s counting?

For those who testified on her behalf try to make themselves feel better about what they did by consoling us with the statement that “she has never had to raise her own children and that she would be back”. Well this doesn’t change anything or make my son or me feel any better about the situation. I guess that I’ll see these people in church and help them ask for forgiveness in regards to their indiscretions’ and to pray for the safety and quick return of my son’s daughter. Also because my son defended himself of the false accusations’ that his wife had made the judge said that he’s too negative. Here’s my response to that: “Well judge if the parties were civil and got along great there would be no need of a divorce.”

It became very clear that this all came about because my son didn’t have an attorney. We did at the beginning when his wife ran away with the kids and refused to let him see them until he got an attorney and filed for divorce. The attorney’s fees were so outrageous that we couldn’t afford them and we believed in the system to truly do what was in the child’s best interest. For those who believe in justice be provide your support in any way that you can by coming to the Court of Appeals with us (will do notice later), your prays, or anyway you desire to do so.

In closing I agree with Rick Waite (Clare County Review Editorial dated November 23, 2012) about sexual bias but I have this to add. I believe the Judge is also bias against those great men and women that have served in our armed forces.

Grace N. Bouck

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