Bullied by the County Road Commission

July 29, 2016

Letters to the Editor graphicDear Editor,
When you give a bully a title and a little authority it goes to their head every time. I have recently been bullied by a Clare County Maintenance Supervisor. He used lies and intimidation to avoid taking responsibility for his mower operator hitting my mailbox. I was met with complete denial when I went to the Clare County Road Commission office in Harrison.
A lady came from the back, stated there was not a work order for repairs, said operators always report when they hit a mailbox, so he did not hit my mailbox.

I watched him hit it, heard metal hit metal and ran out just in time to take pictures of him picking up my mailbox with the box in hand. In one picture he is looking right at me. He got on his tractor and continued on, never saying anything.

The maintenance man called and first said he was not going to fix my mailbox because it was rusty, beat up and hanging by one rusty screw. He said the operator only bumped my box. All lies.

My mailbox is attached to a 2 inch hollow metal post with a single ½ inch bolt holding it on.

It is designed to spin around to avoid being damaged when hit and does comply with the Postal Regulations and Federal Highway Administration.

He then said he was going to send me a citation for non-compliance because my mailbox support posts were a violation.

He said one way or another I was going to replace my metal post with wood, he said if one of his operators hits my mailbox, there will be damages to equipment, and I would be charged for repairs, I would be fined for non-compliance and I would be replacing it then.

I asked if this was a threat and he said no I’m just telling you what will happen.

He refused to fix it right because he said I didn’t ask nicely enough. Per Postmaster suggestion I now have security cameras set up.

The monthly meeting will be open to the public and will be held at the County Road Commission building in Harrison, 3900 E. Mannsiding Road at 9am. If you cannot attend and you have issues with any Road Commission employee or damages please call Mr. Duggan or Mr. Haynac at 989-539-2151. We the citizens of Clare deserve better than this.

Thank you,
Brenda Williams

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