Calls editor’s column ‘inaccurate and incomplete’

July 11, 2019

Mr. Wilcox,

Your June 28th editorial on Iran is a very inaccurate and incomplete account of the sixty-six year cycle of hate and violence between America and that country.

In the early years of the 20th century a foolish Persian Emperor sold Iran’s oil deposits to Brittan for a trivial amount. In the early 1950’s the popular democratly elected leader Mohammed Mossadegh (who was not a communist as is sometimes lyingly stated) tried to get a better deal for Iran and its people. What Mossadegh got instead was murdered by a CIA organized coup, what the Iranian people got was a very brutal dictatorship headed by the Shah of Iran. Very unlike what you said, the Shah was not overthrown for being too pro-Western, he was overthrown for being a brutal tyrant. The Iranian people took to the streets and drove the Shah from power; America gave him a safe haven from Iranian justice.

The Ayatollahs ended up in control of Iran because they were the only nationwide organization the Shah had been unable to destroy and with an American backed Iraqi invasion to deal with the Iranian people were in no position to argue amongst themselves.

The majority of Iranians want to live in a freer society than what they have now, there is a movement among the younger clergy to get the Clergy out of politics. What the Iranian people do not want is “Regime Change” forced upon them by military conquest or economic strangulation. Make no mistake the vast majority of the Iranian people would support their current government and defend their homeland against foreign aggression.

Mr. Wilcox, your “Although Iran needs to be dealt with sooner or later” comment is precisely the message Iranians have heard from War-Hawk Americans for 40 years. The Iranians don’t arm terrorists to provoke America; America provokes Iran to arm terrorists. The Iranians know they cannot defend themselves from America with conventional warfare; their only hope would be to bleed America with hundreds of little cuts, i.e. terrorism.

Iran is not the enemy of America; America is the enemy of Iran. If we, the American people, do not want war with Iran we have to shout-down the War-Hawks, the Regime Changers, the war is good for the economy crowd and let the Iranian people settle their own affairs. I believe if we did we would be pleasantly surprised.

Tony Wentworth

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