Car wash left car just as dirty as before

June 6, 2014

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, I took my car to the car wash located north of, and next door to Buccilli’s Pizza in Clare. I used one of the 20 minute Mega Wash stalls. I used the wash cycle and the rinse cycle. I did not use the spot free rinse. When I got home I noticed that my car was almost as dirty as it was when I took it in. To be clear, it was not “spotted”. It was streaked with dried dirty water! The windows had a film of dried dirty water on them. I ran my finger over one window and it came away dirty.

On Monday, May 26, 2014, I took my second vehicle to the same car wash. I used a different Mega stall. As I washed, I watched the soapy water. After thoroughly cleaning an area on the car, I went back over it with the sprayer still in the soap cycle. I could see “muddy” water coming from the sprayer right along with the soap, and running down the side of my car. Again, I used the rinse cycle (not spot free). When I finished I could not find anyone to talk to about the problem.

My wife and I went to Buccillis for lunch. I wrote a note expressing my concerns and asking someone to call. When we finished eating at Buccillis, we drove next door to the car wash to leave the note. There was someone working there, so I attempted to describe my two experiences to him. I told him that both my cars came away from the was…to be fair…as dirty as when I brought them in. I asked if the car wash recycled/filtered their water. He became somewhat agitated saying: “No, we do not recycle/filter the water. Just look at our water bills! Our water is cleaner that your water at home!” He then turned away, saying: “I will not argue with you!” I told him we would not be using the car wash again. He was noticeably ‘indifferent’ and returned to his work, ignoring us. We left.

I have washed my cars at this “location” for years and have never had a reason to complain. We know that the car wash has new owners, and we have observed the “improvements” they have made in the past year. We even accepted the 25% increase in the cost of washing our cars. ($4 to $5 for 20 minute Mega Wash) Frankly, despite the improvements…and the increase in cost, the current car wash service being provided is inferior to that provided by the previous owner(s)…not to mention the rudeness of the “representative” we spoke with.

I will not return to the car wash. My purpose in writing is to make prospective customers aware of my “experience”. If they have a similar experience, they will know that they are not alone…that their “experience” is not unique, and they should complain!

Tom A. Brown

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