CCHS apology

Dear Editor,

                This is an explanation to over 1,000 Clare community citizens as to their donations made on attending the video “Purple” at the Ideal Theater on August 8th. Tom Koch, the owner of Ideal Theater, informed both Ben Tigner, the video producer, and the Downtown Development Authority that the donations would be going to the Downtown Development Authority. Apparently, Ben Tigner mistakenly named the Clare County Historical Society (CCHS) to be the recipient of the donations. Tom Koch gave the donations, over $4,300, to the Downtown Development Authority, and they mindful of the “mistaken” newspaper (and possibly poster) advertising and the belief of the donors, returned the funds to Tom Koch with the recommendation that the donations be given to CCHS. Tom Koch has chosen to keep the donations. By this letter to the editor, CCHS makes apology to those Clare community citizens who made donations believing their donations would be going to CCHS.

Joe Bradley, President, CCHS