Citizens of Clare County, watch elected officials

August 30, 2012

Dear Editor:

Citizens of Clare County need to be watching their elected officials! I was a proud citizen of Clare County and employee of Central Dispatch for almost 5 years, and although I moved out of state with my husband, I am still very concerned with what is happening in Clare County.

I recently read the minutes of the 8-1-2012 Board of Commission meeting and have some serious problems with a couple comments:   (1) Commissioner Karen Lipovsky reported that she took a trip to Petoskey and toured the 9-1-1 Center there. She noted that the 9-1-1 serves three counties and she discussed the governing of that entity.

In my 5 years there and in talking to those that have been there over 10 years, no Commissioner except Jack Kleinhardt has entered Clare County Central Dispatch! WHY? You can go to Petoskey, charging the citizens of Clare County Per Diem and Mileage but not visit and support your own? Is this an indication that your BOC is looking to “get rid of your Dispatch Center”??

(2) Commissioner David then suggested taking a look at combining county government services. It was suggested that Gladwin County might be a good match for Clare County since there are already court services that are shared. Since future revenue sharing is dependent upon the idea of shared services it was felt that this was a good time to explore this. This could save money and should be explored.

Again, does this statement indicate your BOC no longer supports your Central Dispatch?  Are they looking to give your Dispatch to surrounding counties?  Do the citizens of Clare County want Gladwin County to be their Central Dispatch?  I can assure you that would be very detrimental to the citizens!

You currently have 3 Dispatchers with 10years of service and 5 with over 5 years, so you have a tremendous amount of continuity and they know every nook and cranny in Clare County, will you get that from another counties dispatchers?   They are all Emergency Medical Dispatcher certified and go through a very rigorous training program along with daily reviews of their calls.  They strive to ensure they can provide the citizens with the very best assistance.  The Dispatchers need your support so they can continue to provide you the quality service you the citizens deserve!

Lindsey Baker

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