Clare County

Dear Editor,

                I shall always have a special place in my heart for Clare County. Thanks to a couple of residents whose kindness and caring turned a disastrous visit into a pleasant one.

                I was visiting my daughter at Shingle Lake to join in your delightful tour of depression art work. In transferring my luggage from one car to another leaving, I overlooked a bag which carried my medicine, cosmetics and other personal items. I discovered this on reaching my destination and was preparing to return to Lansing when my daughter made a call to Rite-Aid pharmacy in Farwell. Despite the fact that the Pharmacists were busy with their own customers on a hectic Friday afternoon, a kind employee contacted my supplier in another state and in the matter of a few hours they filled a four day supply of my prescription which made it possible to enjoy a pleasurable weekend. I have always traded at another drug store nearer my home but from now on, Rite-Aid has a new, very grateful customer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the Pharmacist who went more than the extra mile but I hope the company realizes they have one valuable employee who brings something extra to her job.

                My wonderful week end nearly ended in another disastrous incident were it not for several Clare residents who showed kindness, honesty and concern such as I will never forget.

                On the way home, we made our usual stop at your delightful Cops and Doughnuts. My sister took the goodies to the car and I followed juggling my bag, my cane, a cup of coffee and a cup of ice cubes which a delightful salesgirl had given me for my dog. In opening my door without letting the dog out, I dropped the cup of ice and bent down to retrieve them, setting my purse on the curb beside me. We drove off and by the time we reached Lansing, I had a recorded call from Brittany telling me that she was holding my purse for me.

                Apparently, a wonder resident named Roy Huett, saw the purse and was told by two visitors who were enjoying their doughnuts nearby, that we had driven off without the purse. Without even looking into the purse which contained my driver’s license, checkbook, credit cards and cash, and turned it in to Brittany. The contents of the purse were not easily replaceable and the kindness and concern of Brittany and Roy Huett have earned my undying thanks. Clare County has reason to be proud of residents with such integrity and kindness to visitors. I shall always have a spot in my heart for Clare and an appetite for it’s marvelous doughnuts.

Betty L. Jones