Colonville parking an abuse of power

December 27, 2018

Dear Editor,

What a gross and abusive use of power, and the taxpayer’s money in front of the Colonville Country Store. Eighteen “No Parking” signs, nine on each side of the road in less than a half mile, and a concrete curb, all done in the name of “public safety”. This is the biggest BS I’ve ever heard of or seen. There have been more accidents in Clare County in 2018, than there ever have been in front of the Colonville Country Store.

CCRC and Sheridan Township officials you look like total idiots for what you are trying to do to this business. If the 55 mph speed was a problem and you were so concerned about accidents “possibly” happening there, then why not reduce the speed limit to 35 mph.

These people are our neighbors. They pay taxes; they spend their money at business in Clare and are good neighbors.

This is a shameful act on the part of Sheridan Township elected officials and of CCRC elected officials.
As a tax payer, resident and homeowner in Clare County, Sheridan Township, I say we should have a vote to remove all the “No Parking” signs and to recall the government officials who made this decision, without tax payers knowledge of how our money is being spent, from office.

I am pretty sure the money spent on “public safety” in front of the Colonville Country Store could be use wisely in other parts of the county.

In closing, it is my hopes that Sheridan Township officials and the CCRC would use better judgment in handling the affairs at hand, and would choose to be wise men.

Thank you,
Sherry Putnam

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