Complaining to the people who deserve it

October 11, 2012


Dear Editor:

I am going to aim this letter of complaint directly at the people who deserve it. A little history first, Farwell Schools is striving to create a safe drop off and pick up area at the Elementary and Middle schools. We are back to dropping off in the parking lot at the cafeteria this year. This eliminates the congestion and confusion in front of the school, some mornings could get really dangerous. However, with this improvement the problem lies with the MORONS that insist on parking along the sidewalk where there are “NO PARKING” signs posted or they park directly in the drive thru area. Sometimes they park, blocking empty parking spaces so other parents who might want to park legally cannot.
I have seen a red car with a handicap license plate park along the sidewalk when there were TWO empty handicap parking spaces closer to the school. There is a silver SUV that parks along the sidewalk on a regular basis with someone sitting in the driver side.
WHY I ask do you insist on doing this? The teachers no longer park in that parking lot to make it more convenient for parents to park and bring their children into the school. It is also set up this way so it is a safer and more efficient way for parents to drop off children.
I expressed my concerns to the liaison officer and was told there is nothing that can be done about the nuisance parkers. The school employee that is helping out in the parking lot has tried to tell these inconsiderate people not to park there but is confronted with hostility. So to you RUDE JERKS park in a marked parking space and get off your butt and walk your child into the school.
I realize that I am probably “preaching to the choir” because if these idiots can’t read a NO PARKING sign then I doubt they read the paper.

Penny Murphy

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