Concerned parents

Dear Editor:

Heavy hearts were lifted on Oct.3rd. as charges were dismissed against our son Jerami Young. Arrest and incarceration were ruled unlawful! Good call Judge Farrell! Attorney D.Todd Diederich brought to the court’s attention, the truth, the facts and the law through out these past few months.Thanks so much Todd! In our opinion, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office wasted tax payers money, the courts time and caused mental and emotional anguish to Jerami and his family along with problems in his finances due to delay in employment by keeping him in jail and making his bond difficult.At any given time this Prosecuting Attorney could have realized and done the right thing in this case, but chose not too. They could still save face somewhat by backing off but instead they seem to continue to persecute Jerami by considering trying to overturn the dismissal ruling. We say to them, STOP ALREADY! Get busy on cases you should be prosecuting and let this one go! From the people who pay your salary! Relieved, but still concerned parents of Jerami Young and citizens of Clare County.

 Michael and Sandra Young

One Response to Concerned parents

  1. bigd

    October 19, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    no surprise here! people do believe that a crime needs to be committed prior to arrest, not so.. EXAMPLE: EGO can present its ugly formula when ever a cop feels they need to step up and show the peers : look at me” . Current leadership at the clare co. sheriffs dept. promotes poor conduct. THINK back folks at the numorous articles in local papers. HORRIFIC.. the farwell man held 81 days for nothing.. some finger pointing nit-wit said he did it and the county mounty bummble booms did there jobs as poor as they are capable! this cas e was in 2010/lake geo. home invasion..He Did’nt do it! what a poooooor example of clare co. leadership.. Lets try and send the wrong people to prison! There are to many to mention.. STAY away.. come to clare co. on vac. and leave on probation.. I know things about OUR clare co. sheriffs dept. ITS not good.. BEWARE or lose your underware.. Don’t vote for wilson or ambrozitas…. BIGD