Congratulates Mike on his ‘race’ column

July 26, 2013

Letter to the Editor:

Michael Wilcox, Publisher/Editor – you should be congratulated on your article “Stop Playing the race card”.  It was the most honest and down to earth article I have read.

It was concerning the Zimmerman and Martin case.  The jury did what is supposed to do.  It did judge a person on the evidence provided by the prosecutor and the defense team.

Race was never an issue. Zimmerman did not know if the person acting suspiciously was white, black, Hispanic or any other race.  When the Chief of Police said he had nothing to hold Zimmerman on and let him go.

The pressure from his superiors forced him to resign his career to keep the city from having riots and looting.
There were lots of opinions from both sides of the case.

But leave it to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton to put wood on the fire.  Then for the president to say his piece.  It seems if you go by the law, if it does not agree for a certain race you are condemned.

Mr. Wilcox you deserve a medal for being the only newspaper to tell it like it is.  Even the TV and Radio stations are not telling it like it is.

Today on Fox news I heard a excerpt from Bill O’Reilly comment on the situation it also was down to earth and honest, almost saying what you were saying.

It’s a shame that the American people to not have enough guts to stand up and say what is in their hearts.

Al Loucks

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