Consider the Source

October 28, 2019

Editor Mike:

The apparently lifted from the inter-net article about Meredith -without credit to its source- is  full of historical inaccuracies (over 10) from the beginning:   “Meredith’s first business was a saloon” – actually the first business to open was Alex. Hall’s restaurant – see Gladwin County Record, January 4, 1884, page 5 — to the end:  “he [Jim Carr] got out of prison in 1890” – actually Carr was sentenced on January 22, 1886, and released from prison ‘to Clare County’ on February 15, 1887, according to court and newspaper records.

It is kindly suggested that the next lifted from the inter-net article be on the 3 logging train engines in 3 different Clare County lakes, Jim Carr’s stolen harmonica, or any other convenient historical bunk.

 Jon H. Ringelberg
Member, Clare County Historical Society

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