Country Care more than assisted living

July 5, 2018

To the Editor:

I want to share my experience with the community as an increase in knowing what services are available in our area, and also as a note of appreciation for the exceptional service my mother-in-law and I received from Country Care Assisted Living of Farwell; located on us 10 (West Ludington Drive).

The facility is owned and run by Mark and Carrie Nageotte, and they live in the home along with the residents they personally assist.

I am relatively new to the area, and my 97-year-old mother -in-law was in need of an assisted living facilty. I wanted to provide her with a “home style” setting, and thru word of mouth was told of Country Care Assisted Living of Farwell.

My mother’s health, due to age, was such that she has recently passed away; and I am so thankful she was in a home setting environment.

I will never forget seeing Carrie kneeling beside her bed holding her hand and praying and loving on her to the end. Mark and Carrie made sure that one of them was always awake and with mom; so that she would not be alone when her time on this earth came to an end.

It is evident that this is not just a “business” to Mark and Carrie, but a calling.

In addition, prior to her arrival at Country Care of Farwell; I had to be a continual advocate (overseer) of my mother-in-law’s daily care, but when she moved into Country Care – I was able to finally relax and a “burden” was lifted because it was evident she was well cared for (I didn’t need to intervene or oversee if daily care routines were being provided); this was healing for both my mother-in-law and me.

Rollin Brenner

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