Crooks should feel much safer

Dear Editor:

When regular people are no longer allowed to own firearms, anyone breaking into your home or business will feel much safer knowing that they will not be met by an armed owner trying to protect his family and/or his property.

“When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” You have heard this before or read it on bumper stickers. There is a lot of truth in this.

Most of the people I know have guns and I don’t care how many they have, however there are people that should not have a sharp stick—they are the problem.

What a person can do with a gun pales when you think of what he could do with a gallon of gasoline in a glass jug with a rag hanging out the top.

If we lose our right now to own and use a firearm, I believe we will lose many other rights very fast. From what I have read, and what history has recorded, the main reason for the second amendment was to prevent the take over of a tyrannical government.

I do not believe that more laws are the answer to violence, gun or other types.

As a nation we are taking God out of everything. We have taken prayer out of schools and taken down the ten commandments from public places, we don’t even allow a nativity scene on public property. We have legalized the murder of millions of the most innocent and defenseless of all—the unborn. We have really violent games and TV programming all of which I think tend to desensitize people and make violence more acceptable. We must turn this around.

Max Fenby

Lake City