Cutting costs in the right places?

To the Editor’   


I wrote recently to inform you of cuts projected by the Clare County Commissioners.  Three highlighted cuts were to Parks & Rec,  Middle Michigan Development and Soil Conservation.  These three miniscule entities suffered total loss of funding.  All three provide services to a wide range of the population and these services generate income to county residents.  The even more startling fact in all of this is that the savings enjoyed as a result of these cuts totaled less than $50,000.  Yes, in the lives of some of us, that is a significant amount of money!  The reality, however, is that the savings amount to a little less than 1/2 of 1% of the total county budget.  Even more startling is the fact that these cuts were touted by commissioners as job saving measures.  According to Commissioner Jelios, “These cuts were made with consideration for what was most critical to the county while trying to save jobs.”  Amazingly the first result of the cuts to CCP&RC will be the loss of one job!  Later there will be the loss of grant money for improvement projects; because there is no lead agency to make application and receive funding.  Does it make sense that CCP&RC should suffer a 100% reduction in funding while other county programs will likely not experience reductions of more than 5-7 1/2%.  Even more remarkable is the fact that CCP&RC members have opted not to request per-diem to reduce costs and carried over funding from preceeding years to reduce budget requests.  None of our internal cost cutting measures have been recognized by the commissioners.  We can only hope that the commission will develop some common sense and look elsewhere to exercise their cost cutting measures.


Gerald Schmiedicke