DAV calls Phelps comments untrue

February 1, 2018

To Editor,

Clare County Commissioners and Lori Ware Phelps.

As members of D.A.V. Chapter 105 in Lake, MI, we take serious issue with Lori Ware Phelps degradation of our DAV Chapter 105 home of the Disabled American Veterans.

In 30 plus years we have had nothing but praise for our building on School Street from Senior Services and Senior Citizens. What Lori Ware Phelps  has said borders on slander, liable and defamation. Whatever her motive may be, like wanting all Senior Services eventually in Harrison, MI, will not benefit outlying areas.

We expect retraction and apology about her slanderous accusations. As a very well paid public employee, by tax payers of Clare County, she should have more respect for Veterans and Senior Citizens that live in Clare County.

We welcome anyone and all to come and see our beautiful building that we are very proud of.

We may decide to have a fund raiser as a non profit organization by having rat and mouse races against our newly trained speedy bed bugs. But,we have to know if all 3 will agree on either an oval track or a straight track.

We might be in business since Senior Services won›t be needing to use our pole barn during inclement weather and weekends for their Meals on Wheels Senior Services delivery car. Hopefully that might help offset that telephone bill with our security alarms system which Senior Services had shut off about the second week of January 2018 according to alarm central control.

Finally, Lori Ware Phelps, the Disabled American Veterans DAV organization is a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION that operates on donations like churches, and we have been committed to senior citizens for over 30 years. Have you? Rumor has it that you are the 2nd highest paid Clare County employee, so you should have more respect for the seniors and DAV members, who are also seniors. Mostly, as already noted, we are a non profit organization NOT A BUSINESS.

P.S. We also had great rapport with Clare-Gladwin Senior Services.

Mr. Jason Vaughan- Commander
DAV 105, Lake, MI

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