Dazed and confused

Dear Editor,

“Tased and confused” is exactly how I felt after I was illegally tased 6 times within 45 minutes during an unlawful arrest and incarceration. I was tased 3 times by the arresting officers. Then 3 times by jail officers after being placed in a single man jail cell at the Clare County Prosecutor’s office and Clare County sheriff’s Department charged me with 2 felony accounts of resisting arrest and 1 count of assaulting a public official which would carry up to 9 years in prison.

After 65 days in jail all charges was dismissed and the arrest and incarceration by Sgt. Lawrence Kahsin, were ruled unlawful. Thank God for my very skilled Attorney, Mr. D. Todd Diederich, who brought out the true facts in this

case so that it was plain to see that my 4th Amendment Rights were blatantly violated as Sgt. Lawrence Kabsin’s own testimony showed, he illegally forced me out of my home at taser point with no arrest warrant of any kind and no and no probable cause whatsoever.

I hope the citizens of Clare County will agree with me as I openly commend the Honorable Judge Joshua M. Farrell for making the right and just decision when he dismissed all charges against me and ruled the arrest and incarceration unlawful, praise God!

It all started with a friendly conversation with a neighbor. I was out for a walk in the neighborhood and approached an elderly gentleman sitting in his yard. I shook his hand and explained where I lived and he invited me to have a seat. I later learned this nice man was diagnosed with Dementia, bless his heart, I was explaining to him that I was a hard working man and proud father of 6 children. I told him I was taking a new job soon, but until then. I was offering to him my services for handy work of any kind for as low as $5.00 an hour to stay busy, because I desperately need the work, as 1 have a family to support. I could see that the conversation wasn’t progressing with him and that something wasn’t quite right, I shook his hand and left, later learning of his Dementia.

About an hour or so later I was standing in my living room next to an open window that has no screen. All the sudden I saw a man standing and looking through the open window. To my suprise, it was a Clare county Officer, whom I later learned was Sgt. Lawrence Kahsin.

When he saw that I had discovered him, he drew his taser and pointed it at me through the window and very violently shouted at me to come out of the house or he was going to ” f …ing” tase me. Apparently this officer is not aware of our 4th Amendment Rights that he is sworn to uphold. The officer had no warrants and no probable cause, but instead felt he had the right to do this, just because he wanted to talk to me. Whatever happened to the old fashioned way of knocking on the door?

I even tried to invite the officer in, but he still continued to threaten me with his taser. So in fear of being tased, I came outside to talk to him. Come to find out, the elderly neighbor told his daughter to call the police, totally misconstruing our prior conversation.

The officers were very rude, telling me to sit down, then immediately to stand back up. They interrogated me for over 40 minutes and were making all kinds of phone calls trying to find something or anything to arrest me for.

My attorney and I personally believe that Sgt. Kahsin knew what he did was wrong, so to protect himself and his job, he thought he had better find something to arrest me for. I was calm and polite during this whole interrogation. The officer’s phone calls were to no avail, so Sgt. Kahsin took the law into his own hands and deviated from procedure, arresting me anyway, tasing me as they placed me in handcuffs. After I was already cuffed behind my back, posing no threat at all, the officers tased me again with 2 tasers at the same time as they were placing me

into the squad car. This blatantly violates taser use protocol.

Just when I thought my troubles were over, they had only just begun. After I was put in jail unlawfully, I was tased 3 more times, once being in the face and upper chest at point blank range. Taser use protocol clearly states that lasers are only suppose to be used if someone is trying to harm themselves, someone else or any office.

I swear on my only brother’s grave that I never once attempted in any way shape or form try to aggress anyone or any officers and I darn sure wasn’t trying to hurt myself, as the officers were already doing a fine job of that. I still have bad chest pain till this day, of which I am seeking medical attention for, as I was denied medical attention at the jail, even when I requested it, when taser use protocol clearly states that a medical examination of the tasered person is required.

I wrote this letter to the editor and created Face Book web sight called “Tased and Confused”. I have done this in hopes to deter this from happening to any other of my fellow citizens and to expose what is and has been going on, but mainly to let you all know just how our present Clare County Prosecutor’s office is operating. They prosecute

cases they have no business prosecuting and do not prosecute the ones they should. They will out and out lie about the facts of a case, while slandering a defendant.

So please remember this when you are voting this November. We need a change made in the Prosecutor’ s office. If you value your own civil rights, then please help us to vote Michelle Ambrozaitis and Gary Coning out of office, because the facts and just ruling of my case is just one case of many that shows just how badly our present prosecutors are willing to trample our civil rights no matter the cost, just to get their convictions, as to them, justice is not important. but only winning. Vote them out !!! John Wilson is a good Sheriff. He just needs to get some of his officers in line, to prevent them from crossing that line, as Sgt. Lawrence Kahsin most certainly did cross the line.

Please check out my new web sight on Face Book called “Tased and Confused.” Feel free to post any thoughts or opinions you may have and if you have any video or audio evidence, as I do, please post that as well, as I have in my own case. I have created “Tased and Confused” on Face Book to make it easy for the citizens of our community to

come together and fight against those who do not value and would trample upon our basic civil rights. Please help us in the fight for justice for the people and to preserve our civil rights. Power to the people!!!


Sincerely and most respectfully.

Jerami N. Young

One Response to Dazed and confused

  1. B-Jones

    October 13, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    It seems Harrison, or at least the people in charge have just gone insane. I used to love my time spent in there specifically because it felt like such a laid back, at ease town. Lately I hear story after story of these people acting like tyrants. I don’t like to spend time there anymore because minding your own business doesn’t mean anything if you have the misfortune to cross paths with one of them while they’re having a bad day. Then the bad day is yours.