We will continue to occupy Wall Street

December 29, 2011

After reading  You  and the Law’ on December 23, 2011, the words to a song written by my friend David Rovics came to mind.  (“It’s hard to believe, but I know it’s true I saw it on the evening news”)  The song is a parody on the reliability of regular television news.  Back in the seventies there were 250 news organizations, today only five.  Have you ever surfed the news channels from 6:30 to 7:00  p.m. and see the same story with the same viewpoint.  Coincidence, not quite.  Were being sold a series of half truths.  Knowing that perception is reality, and repeated often enough becomes excepted as the truth, unless you know better.
Seventy percent of the nations millionaires agree that they should pay higher taxes.  Some of them recently went to congress and said so.  Why?  Because they know their economic future depends on it.  They also understand we are all part of the 99% except for a hand full of billionaires.  The slogan “We are the 99%” is meant to help folks realize who they are and where they stand.
Person of the year, the Protester.
This proclamation of Time Magazine, might sound strange to some, but lots of people fro here and around the world realize that the protester are risking their lives and freedom on behalf of their country and all its people they call them patriots.  I AGREE!
The occupy Wall Street movement has spread across the country and around the world.  I must inform the nay sayers, we aren’t going anywhere.  The movement is only getting bigger and stronger.  The police are our best recruiting tool.
Each time they beat up a war Vet, a retired N.Y. Supreme Court Judge, a N.Y.C. counsel man, journalists and spray an 84 year old lady with pepper spray, we gain lots of support.  The inventor of pepper spray interviewed recently, was very upset.  His product was never meant to be used peaceful protesters.  He went on to say that pepper spray was banned by the Geneva Convention for use in war.  Hence a war crime!
So to my old friend Dick Allen and all of you not yet supporters of O.W.S.  Until we end the occupation of Washington by the Wall Street Bankers, we will continue to occupy Wall Street for as long as it takes!
Power to the Peaceful
Richard Los

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