Dear Editor:

October 31, 2011

Remember the halabalu over the confederate flag back in 2000? Is it not ironic that the ones whom were yelling the loudest about the flag flying were not declaring that they were simply American. In fact they wanted their heritage to be acknowledged as Afro American. No problem with that as long as they allow others to be able to acknowledge their heritage also. Being from the south I personally did not own slaves nor did any of my family. But war was waged in my family. The confederate flag is a part of the heritage in the south and if I recall correctly the north sold slaves to the south. Has our nations working class become slaves for the support of the whole world? Or for the lazy who refuse to work? And if it’s wrong to fly the confederate flag, then why I the U.N. flag flying on our land? Plus other flags from south of the border.

This is just some questions I had asked D.C. years ago with no response. My heritage was or is French, English, Irish, German and Cherokee. How many flags? Plus hill billy. I’ve been in Michigan since 1949. I’d need 7 flags for my heritage. See how unreasonable things can become.


Doris Weekland

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