Defending Karen Maxey

February 15, 2013

Dear Editor,

Just reading the Clare paper with ugly article on front page regarding the legal incarceration of Karen Maxey.

From reading the article I learned that the police knew the threat of leveling the school was phony but gave it a lock down anyway. The poor woman is facing horrendous years ahead of her and I’m compelled to write this editorial for her defense. Obviously angry, she wrote some unwarranted statements in anger.

Does it occur to any of you officials that she might need an anger management class? That your big splash in itself will scare her half to death? What are her circumstances? Is she trying to raise a child as a single mom?

Come on women of Clare County—make your voices heard before we lose one more victory in one more legal battle. My heart goes out to you Karen. I personally want to see you set free.


Name withheld

upon request

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