Did somebody change the rules?

November 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

In response to Martha Putt’s letter of 11/23/2012, I find a few flaws.

Unless somebody changed the rules, I thought we lived in a free enterprise economy. To me that means if you have a legitimate business and you wish to expand, it is your choice. If memory serves me , the buildings on either side of the City Bakery were vacant prior to them being occupied by Cops & Doughnuts. When I think ‘bakery’, bread comes to mind. As long as I’ve lived in Clare, there has been bread available at the bakery. As a patron of all the businesses mentioned, although there are some similarities, there are many differences. Ms. Putt brings up the need to have variety or choices. That doesn’t mean everybody succeeds. So you give it your best shot and move on if it doesn’t work. To say the closing of an eatery is the fault of another business is a cop out (no pun intended). It strikes me as odd that an addition on the Mulberry Café is in the works if business is so bad. Is that addition at fault for other businesses closing too? Let’s get real!

I have seen several examples where the business being blamed has stepped up in big ways to support other businesses. The bike shop and art gallery are good examples of publicity through the Cops & Doughnuts network. And just recently I was in Cops & Doughnuts and on each table there were flyers for the new craft store, Loving Hands.

I take exception to being responsible for the success or failure of a business. Give me the products or services I want and need at a price I’m willing to pay and have employers demonstrate their knowledge and appreciation of my business and I’m hooked.

Finally, the comments regarding having fewer contributors to local events and fundraisers struck a nerve. It makes me wonder if that wasn’t the crux of Ms. Putt’s complaints. Having been involved in many fundraisers, I can assure you Cops & Doughnuts goes above and beyond generosity.


Judy Brankel

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