Disagrees with Tom Kunse letter

August 23, 2013

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reply to the letter written by Tom Kunse and printed in your August 16th edition.

Tom, I have read several of your previous letters to the editor of The Clare County Review in which you have expounded on several subjects. Your most recent letter attacking the Grant Township Board for an action at their last meeting is “typical Tom” and infers that the Board is against creating jobs in our area. Nothing could be further from the truth. They were requested to join in as a co-applicant in signing a grant request to the Economic Development Administration in which they have no part of, and, in the opinion of the Township Attorney, could potentially create some liability on the part of township taxpayers in the future. The prudent response of the Grant Township Board was to decline co-applicant status and they took rapid action in response to the request from the City of Clare and reported that action back in an expeditious manner.

In my opinion the Grant Township Board took the appropriate action and reported the same to the city. Grant Township has never been part of the subterfuge of establishing an industrial park on Colonville Road that certainly cannot be supported by business demand. Expansion of a new industrial park by the City of Clare should be located in adjacent property to the existing industrial park on the south side of Clare where all required infrastructure is already available. Of course, that idea was not supported by your development group because it does not deliver water, sewer and etc. to your property on Colonville Road at taxpayer expense.

A visit to the Grant Township Hall reveals a posting of a notice on the door that your Northern Group has finally requested transfer of your 200 acre parcel into the City of Clare under the provisions of the Urban Cooperation Agreement that exists between the City of Clare and the Township of Grant. Hallelujah! It is about time!

The grant requested from the EDA is in the amount of 2.6M and will probably result in a shortfall of 3M plus to accomplish the industrial park, water tower, new road construction and the water and sewer down Colonville Road. The 3M in additional funding may well be insufficient. Anyway, your movement of your property into the City of Clare will allow them to include it in a special assessment district to repay required bond funding and that is a good thing.

Further, I would hate to think that this request to transfer your property to the city is not just a part of a gimmick to meet the grant requirements, and, if the grant is denied, that you would immediately withdraw the request for transfer. That would, indeed, not show a lot of good intentions on your part in furthering the growth of the City of Clare.

Thanks for “shooting from the hip” once again in your letter to the editor. It gave me impetus to share some thoughts with you.

John Urquhart
Grant Township

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One Response to Disagrees with Tom Kunse letter

  1. tomkunse Reply

    August 23, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Let me address some of the most glaring errors in John’s letter.
    1) Applications for annexation are irrevocable.
    2) John conveniently ignores that we applied for annexation before ( in March of 2006) but were denied by the Grant Township Board.
    3) Please document where the construction numbers came from. “will probably result in a shortfall of 3M”. This is baseless exaggeration that is simply wrong. John just made the number up to get people excited.
    4) Not an error, but noteworthy: John had to travel to the Township Hall to see the annexation notification. Wouldn’t it be great if Grant Township joined the 21st century and had a website with relevant information?

    Seriously, he is too predictable in his blind support for the Board.
    Tom Kunse

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