Dogs running loose!

Dear Editor,

I need to THANK an unknown lady who experienced my dilemma yesterday AM about 9:00. She drove into our sub-division and saw the problem. She slowed down and used her car as a barrier between me and the big barking dog with a back-up barking dog a few feet behind him. Eventually she drove on into our sub, then later returned again to stop between me and this same challenger.

Eventually, my master got me moved down the street to where our neighbor called us into her garage so she could drive us home. My extreme thanks go out to Jeannie Koss for making sure we got in our house, even though these 2 dogs were in our yard. I called the Clare Dog Pound, and 2 officers came out, and eventually captured the 2 dogs. Thanks also to their efforts, and their follow-up phone call to assure us that these 2 dogs were in their care, and no longer a threat to me or my master.

Most Sincerely,
Skippy Abbott and Dan

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