Dogs running loose

Dear Editor,

I must apologize to the Deputy Sheriff when I said last night there were 3 black dogs in my front yard. In actuality, all I really SAW was 3 sets of white teeth barking at me in the dark. Earlier in the day I encountered 2 dark, or black dogs running loose in our neighborhood, so I presumed they had picked up a buddy, and wanted me to stay home.

I carried a healthy shelaleigh, but an 85 year old with a shalaleigh is no match in the dark for 3 Labs or Dobermans, or a mix thereof, one of which might have been interested in bodily destruction.

I love dogs; I have always had a dog since 1955; we live in a community which prohibits dogs running loose. Only now do I know why dogs should not run loose, in the dark, is three too many. Please, everyone, respect the leash laws; they are not intended to be a restriction, only a protection which few of us recognize is necessary.

Most sincerely,
Dan Abbott