Don’t close our mealsite!

February 1, 2018

Dear Editor,

It’s too bad that in this country the Almighty Dollar means more to the Clare County Senior Services Director, Lori Phelps, than the seniors that she is supposed to help and the veterans who went through a lot for us. She told 9 & 10 News yesterday that closing our Lake meal site will save Senior Services $12,000.00 a year. Does that take into consideration the $2.25 the seniors donate for each meal?

She stated “The building is old and in disparate/dire need of an upgrade”. Well what about your website? The last annual report available is from 2015. So much for “transparency”. The website even claims to have 5 congregate sites. Now you have seen fit to decrease it to 3.

It says “centers provide seniors with food, friendship and an opportunity to remain connected to the greater community”. Well others in this community that either didn’t know about, don’t utilize or are not yet old enough to participate at our Lake location want to see it kept open. There is no legitimate reason it shouldn’t remain operable. It’s a fallacy you’ll lose USDA funding because of it.

Director Phelps also stated to 9 & 10 News “the Board is actively looking for a new location”. Why, when there is nothing wrong with the DAV building we have now on School Street?  All but one picture the commissioners were showed, of some “clutter” which has “since been cleaned up”, were of the re-sale shop storage room. That has nothing to do with the senior dining and activity center. We do not make use of that space. It is only open for a few hours on Fridays. Where is your proof of infestation and unsanitary conditions… They have never had a bad inspection by the health department. We hope the commissioners who have all been invited to come and see the facility for themselves will do so.

You also say we will have the “option to get a bus to 3 other locations…”  Even if I could take a lift equipped van (I have severe spinal stenosis) why should I have to settle for your offer to be bussed to another center? The current location is only a mile for me to drive. All but one of the seniors who currently attend our congregate dining and activity center are still able to drive. It is in walking distance for the majority of the other seniors. Please don’t take away the one opportunity for fellowship we have left at our age in our town.

Joyce Minch

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