Don’t let them cut the memorial trees

December 24, 2012

Dear Editor,

I heard a rumor that has me both upset and concerned. I understand that [at] the location for the Veterans Memorial Park (across the street from the County Building) [they are] going to cut down the 3 beautiful pine trees on the far side of the site.

If this is true, I think the community should be made aware of these plans. Those trees are Memorial Trees. I was a resident of Clare County when the first tree was planted many years ago, by the Chamber. They have been a part of our Christmas tradition for many years as well.

Does it make sense to destroy these beautiful MEMORIAL trees for a MEMORIAL Park? Why can’t they be incorporated into the design of the park? They are healthy and beautifully shaped, what a shame it would be to destroy them. Does the school system still own the property? Who made this decision? The community should be made aware of this plan before it is too late. Please, PLEASE help save these trees. As I don’t know who made this decision, I don’t know who to contact. I’m going to start with my Clare County Commissioner. If you feel that these trees should be spared, please do the same.

Thank you,

Helen Thorn

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