Early Thanksgiving

September 27, 2012


Dear Editor:

Thanksgiving came early for our family this year. While my brother and boyfriend were trimming atree a limb cracked and came down against the ladder. Both guys were knocked down, resulting with deep lacerations from the limb to one,  the other a broken back from the fall. However, there is good news and I want to share this thanksgiving with the Lake Volunteer Fire Department, the Clare response team and Clare Hospital, the members of Lake Baptist Church for their prayers and the number of volunteers and neighbors who came to help in any way possible.The cuts and bruises have healed and the broken back is on the mend,  another great blessing and miracle,  thanks to neurosurgery in Saginaw. Thank you all for your actions that day. This is truly a caring community and we are proud and grateful to be a part of it.

Nancy, Dave and Mike

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