Every American should have Medicare, Medicaid medical insurance

March 16, 2017

To the Editor:
Every American should be on the Government run Medicare, Medicaid medical insurance program which runs at about 4% operational cost. Private insurance companies should no longer be allowed to continue to scam and overcharge Americans. Their operational cost is about 20%, mainly because they have to pay the CEO’s and their board of directors millions, and millions of dollars at the expense of their policy holders. It’s true that private insurance agents and upper management would lose their jobs, they could go to work for the government run Medicare system which has proved to be much more efficient, and stop the raping of Americans by the private insurance industry.

Also the Medicare Part D drug program that the Republican dominated Congress pushed through Dec. 8 2003 and signed by George W. that stipulates that our government cannot negotiate with Canada or anyone else for lower drug prices, should be cancelled as well. This pharmaceutical industry friendly program serves them very well, but it drives our drug cost up about 80%

Lee Parker

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