Eye witness View from Occupy Wall Street

October 21, 2011

The scene was awesome. It was a city within a city. They have a medical facility, a media center, a free kitchen to feed everyone and a comfort center. At the comfort center they provide clothing, sleeping bags, and blankets to those in need. A security detail, a garbage crew and more. Unfortunately they are not allowed tents or any other type of shelter. No porta johns are allowed either. The only restroom I could find was in a burger king across the street. They had two- single person stalls.

The atmosphere was extremely warm. Thousands of people, a great cross section of folks from across the country, including two very nice teachers from Traverse City. People from many different countries were there as well supporting the cause. Australia, the United Kingdom, France and many more. They seem to know we are all the other 99%. Even some of the police appeared to realize they are too.

Even though the protesters were made up of many different types of people the media was categorizing them all as homeless hippies. After talking with many of the protesters I found the media was half right. Most of the group that maintains the 24/7 vigil are homeless. Many because they lost their jobs, defaulted students loans and lost everything. Truck drivers, school teachers, autoworkers, steel workers and more. Most of them have done all the right things to take part in the American dream and they feel cheated.

People find it hard to understand why, since the seventies worker wages have stagnated or been cut severely. Ceo’s and big wigs receive bonuses that are more than the average worker will make in a lifetime. The workers do the grunt work and pay a heavy price and the top dogs benefit. Executives ran the companies into the ground, defrauded a nation and got handsomely rewarded for it. What’s wrong with this picture?

This has been the largest transfer of wealth from the poor and average working person to the super rich in history of the U.S. Most believe that big money has corrupted many of our politicians and our system. The pensions of 44 million people have been stolen. We are losing our freedom. Everyone must pitch in to save the American Dream. Liberty and Justice for AII- not just those who can afford it. The occupiers are out in the streets to ensure a decent future for our children and grandchildren. A Future that looks pretty poor at the moment. We are all part of this movement whether we know it or not.

Even the Tea Party folks need to realize we are all concerned about the same problems. We just don’t agree on who is responsible for the mess.

The dumb hippies have been watching and warning since Vietnam. There wouldn’t have been any further wars if it was illegal to make a profit from war. (Goggle Roosevelt speech on war profits)

J.P. Morgan, Citi bank and others just donated 4.5 million dollars to the NYC police family fund, while hundreds of 9/11 emergency responders are dying without much help. Now they have to prove that their cancers were caused by ground zero. We know part of the other 1% is the problem, the politicians helpless or worthless.

Labor organizers and Unions across New York City and the United States have endorsed the Occupation of Wall Street promising continued support and backing of the movement. The Transport Workers Union Local 100, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Unions, National Nurses United, Industrial Workers of the World, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees-AFLCIO, Laborers’ International Union of North America, Amalgamated Transit Union and the United Steelworkers are some that have promised support.

Here are 5 things you can do to help now.

1.Occupy- join a movement local or national. Bring musical instruments, food, blankets, rain gear and Friends.

2.Spread the word. Download, print, display and share flyers:


Twitter: #occupywallstreet #occupytogether

Facebook: Occupy WallSt.

3.Donate-make a tax deductable donation to the New York General Assembly or Alliance for Global Justice. 1247 E Street. SE Washington, DC 20003 Please indicate “Occupy Wall Street” in the memo line. Or call 202-544-9355 to make a telephone donation.

4. Follow the occupation

Nycga.net, occupywallst.org, takethesquare.net, occupytogether.org, wearethe99percent.tumblr.com

5. Educate Yourself- Before you go out and talk about the most important happening in our lifetime. (Go to democracynow.org for live coverage of the occupation)

Not like one of our guest columnists who often talks/writes from where he should be sitting. Sorry for the crack, couldn’t resist. But hey Dick, Thanks for making me write this letter you do a great Archie Bunker.

Come on and join us you have grandchildren tool

Richard Los

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