Facts, not manufactured Facts

September 13, 2013

To the Editor:

I’m amazed how people on the right manufacture facts,intentionally mislead people, obstruct, and pass laws that outright benefit their party,the Corporations and the top 2 % of the wealthiest. Corporate power is protected, we seen that when the 5 to 4 Republican dominated Supreme court ruled that Corporations are people,labor unions eliminated, or severely suppressed, legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries as we seen in the 2010 Michigan elections when Democrats won by a million more votes, but due to redistricting the Republicans retained or won more seats! The 2000 Presidential election all news agencies reported a Al Gore victory except for Fox News , and the 5 to 4 Republican majority Supreme Court stopped the recount handing the office of President to George W. In Facists nations one characteristic is their use of the judiciary to manipulate or control elections as well as protecting corporate power, suppressing labor and voting rights as we seen the once again 5 to 4 republican dominated Supreme court rule on the 1965 voting rights acts to target the minority votes which protected their rights to vote in these states that have a track record of voting rights violations. New voter ID laws that were illegally fastracted to help fix the 2012 election for the republicans. It still didn’t work! Record numbers of voters showed up and Barak got re-elected. Now, because of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Republicans, we see new voter ID laws being passed to try to rig the 2016 election. The jobs numbers are out, the economy is growing, unemployment down, auto industry sales up tremendously,in spite of the Republicans filibustering the jobs bills since 2009 to the present!

Tony Parker
Weidman, Mich.

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