Farwell school facilities need attention…vote yes

April 19, 2019

Dear Editor-
When we started to enroll our eldest daughter in school we had planned on sending her to school in Clare. Everyone we knew was sending their children to school in Clare, Midland, or Mt. Pleasant vs Farwell, which is where most of her friends live. We compared test scores, class sizes, talked with other parents in Farwell. We consulted her speech therapist, her graduate student clinicians at CMU, and The RESD. All suggested staying in Farwell as she has a wonderful relationship with her speech therapist there, Kathleen Nordum and it would be the best place for her to stay.

Although she is happy and thriving at the elementary school and we are more then pleased with teachers and staff there, the building needs attention.

As parents, we want what is best for our children. We should be able to provide that without having to leave our home district and utilize school of choice. I understand the sentiment that no one wants their taxes to go up. But if we continue to ignore or put a band aide on our problems-they will just grow and become more costly to replace and repair. Our buildings are outdated. The repairs are incredibly urgent. Although not all agree, leaking and updated roofs lead to mold and mildew. This causes not only health issues but will be more expensive and time consuming to repair the longer its put off. 

The parking lot is unequivocally unsafe and inadequate. Parents are either parking in the church parking lot across the road or along a walkway to pick up students. At the same time cars are coming and going, preschool parents have to shuffle their kids between cars dropping off elementary kids. The bigger parking lot has older kids crossing between buses and cars. In no way is this safe or should be put off. It’s an accident waiting to happen. 

I have also read how we have a strong community and strong school. Which may be true-but a strong community invests in its future. It invests in schools. Studies have shown test scores, teacher tenure and retention, and future outcomes for students is directly impacted by the condition of the actual building. This data goes back more then 30 years. The actual brick and mortar building does make a huge difference. I urge to vote yes on May 7th. 

Thank you, 
Jessica Roe
Farwell parent

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