Farwell Sports Boosters Contributions

February 9, 2012

Sometimes in life we take things for granted, never really stopping to think where the finances came from to make opportunities happen.  Today, I would like to take a minute to thank the Farwell Sports Boosters for all of their support throughout my high school career.   Since reforming in 2001, the Farwell Sports Boosters have made a huge splash in the overall look of Farwell Athletics.  Their impact has been very diversified including financing new equipment in the weight room, renovating the press box, funding freshmen athletics, helping with equipment and uniform costs, and more.  You often find a very busy crew running concessions at sporting events.   Currently, they are busy organizing their annual fundraiser, Eagle Extravaganza, that takes place on March 3.  The Farwell Sports Boosters are giving a helping hand everywhere you look. They have contributed a grand total of $110,743 to help Farwell athletics. They pride themselves on being the only school in the conference that does not charge athletes a fee to participate. The Sports Boosters raised $10,735.07 to help Farwell keep freshmen athletics program running from 2004-2006. All was free of charge and was no cost to the school. The Sports Boosters not only deal with high school athletics, but middle school and club sports as well. The Farwell Sports Boosters have raised $8,380 for middle school athletics. Rocket Football, Poms, Creative Dance, Flames Basketball, Youth Football and Little League Baseball all have received nice sums of money from the Boosters to support programming too. The Farwell Sports Boosters have financially supported all of Farwell’s high school sports programs to some degree. Cheerleading, Volleyball, Softball, Golf, Girls & Boys Basketball, Girls & Boys Track, Football, Baseball, and Wrestling all have received assistance when needed. Not only do they aid in the support of specific sports, they also help with the equipment that the athletes use. They helped bring in $9,991 worth of weight equipment and have organized many donations with nearby Rogers, Inc.   The high school weight room has received four weight racks including free weights and even a brand new shoulder press machine for student use. When athletes make it to the state level of their sport, the Farwell Sports Boosters helps take care of athlete expenses. The Boosters paid for the state tournament the golfers participated in. When the track team sent a few athletes to the state tournament, they paid the expenses for the trip. They also paid for the wrestlers’ hotel expenses during their state tournament. The Farwell Sports Boosters also provides scholarships for graduating athletes who earn the Kerwin Paesens and Mary Pitchford Awards at graduation.  As long as the athletes put in the time and effort to keep succeeding on and off the playing field, the Farwell Sports Boosters will be there every step of the way to make the experience of being a Farwell athlete unlike any other.  As a current Farwell athlete, I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the hard work and dedication that the Farwell Sports Boosters put into this amazing school.  I was a freshman football player, and I am very thankful that my team was supported by the Boosters. Without the Sports Boosters, there would not have been a freshmen team, and many of us probably would not have seen as much playing time at the JV level.  Furthermore, I am a direct beneficiary of a Sports Boosters’ donation to the track program.  The Sports Boosters donated a discus to the track team, and as it turned out, I used it and threw over 100’ with that discus. In general, I would like to say thank you to the Farwell Sports Boosters and all of their members for all they do.  Please consider helping the Farwell Sports Boosters help Farwell athletes by attending the Eagle Extravaganza on March 3 at the Clare Moose Lodge.  Tickets for the event are on sale now.   Farwell would not be where we are today without all the hard work, pride and dedication by the good people at the Farwell Sports Boosters.  


John Kudlick, FHS Senior

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