November 14, 2011

Dear Editor,

I’m sorry to say it sounds like Mr. Hampton suffers from “Foxitis.” It is a serious condition affecting many in our country today. Rupert Murdock and the other Corporate Media Giants are engaged in the age old game of divide and conquer the working class. This is a well known tactic to deploy whenever the masses become unhappy with the status quo. I would like to assure folks out there that tt1ere is a cure for this condition. Seek out alternative news sources such as Democracy Now this is a one hour news broadcast where you see and hear the rest of the story. Democracy now can be found on Dish Network channel 9415 and Direct TV channel 348. Be careful the truth is addicting.

A few words in defense of the protesters, they are truly the volunteers of America, putting their butts on the line for their belief that all men are created equal and should be treated as such. So for all those who think like Mr. Hampton, in hopes of a quick recovery as Tom Boddet, says, we’ll leave the light on for you.


Power to the peaceful.

Richard Los

P.S. the Occupation has received over $450,000.00 in donations.

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