Freedom Fest

November 1, 2012


Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Committee for the Veterans Freedom Park; we would like to take the time to acknowledge the following people and businesses that helped make our ‘Freedom Festival’ on October 5th and 6th a success! The weather and timing was not the greatest, but considering, we still had people coming from quite a distance to show support of our veterans and the building of the Veterans Freedom Park. We would like to acknowledge several veterans service groups from the area who came to post the colors, The United States flag and Military branch flags: Veterans of Foreign Wars 1075, American Legion 404, American Legion 558 and Vietnam Veterans 1047. The Color detail was made up of veterans from all military services, Associates, Auxiliary and veteran support groups members. MSG Ken Spiegel, (retired), of VVA 1047, was NCOIC of posting the colors, AVVA member MSG Jon Jansen (active), posted the Vietnam Veterans of America flag.

Thanks to the support from citizens like you, we are moving closer to our mission of building a veterans park to honor our nation’s greatest heroes! We have almost completed our design for the park and will be releasing that as soon as it is available.A special acknowledgement to Cindy Friese for the many hours you dedicated to plan this festival and for your major involvement in making this park a reality.We have many volunteers that took the time out of their schedules to assist us with all of our activities. A heartfelt gratitude to you all for making this a priority. We could not have done this without you all.

Please check out our website for other events that are coming up and how your involvement can make a difference!

Renee Haley

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