Gas speculators – Just like parasites!

June 7, 2013

Dear Editor:

Upon seeing the recent spike in gas prices that were attributed to a rumored refinery problem it caused me to compare greedy speculators to the tick I removed from our dog recently. Parasites!

As an hourly employee lucky enough to have a 40 hour a week job and any available overtime my check must be managed carefully. I imagined my check as a host for parasites to greedily feast on. Taxes, Groceries, Electricity, Gas, Insurance. The problem with parasites is that they shortsightedly feed and multiply until the host weakens and dies.

As with most company provided health insurances, I have to pay a share of the premium. This year it may increase up to 50%. Along with car insurance, that’s increased substantially even without tickets or accidents. I find I’m being penalized for driving older vehicles even though they’re in good repair, and I don’t want a car payment hanging over my head. Michigan’s rates are much higher than surrounding states, why can’t this change? We are being forcibly insured into the ground.

Consumers Energy seemingly at a whim will jump the electric bill 50 to 150 dollars. If there is any increase in their costs they can pass it on to customers. Pay your bill or the lights get shut off. Look at the fees to get it reconnected, “Pricey”. Following their energy saving tips doesn’t make a difference; I unplugged our old chest freezer and waited for the savings to roll in. My next bill went up $50!

Gas prices keep rising and analysts say they’re unlikely to go down. The silliest economic rumor will spike prices in minutes, but it takes week’s months or seemingly never, to adjust down. The world’s most profitable companies are the gas companies, yet in their boundless greed we hear them claiming every holiday weekend they “absolutely don’t price gouge”. “Ahem”. I’ve also noticed the local gas retailers seem to experience sharper and longer spikes than others in the region.

A trip to the grocery store is a challenge in staying within your budget. Since groceries may be the only flexible part of your budget where you cut back, or try to. $100 in groceries doesn’t get you much anymore. The food prices rise considerably faster than my pay rate.

The tax deductions on my paystub leave me wishing I could manage that money myself. Our government’s incompetence, waste, and scandals are in the news every day. Social Security, Medicare, and the U.S. Government are bankrupt and trillions in debt. Still, they expect us to believe that if they can just raise taxes they will be able to fix everything. They can’t budget and stay within their means, they demand to take more, just like parasites gorging uncontrollably.

Our leaders need to realize that keeping people working and in good health will benefit all. Make food and energy costs affordable. Bring back decent paying jobs and give workers a 40 hour week. Part time jobs cannot give people the means to get ahead. They treat us as their host to be drained of whatever they demand.

Think about it parasites, more jobs mean more hosts, and caring for your hosts will benefit all!

God Bless America
Ron Ross

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