Get involved

September 13, 2012

Dear Editor:


Organizations…there are many types…sportsman’s, political, church.  They have different names and different causes.  Unions have their causes, good or bad; political parties have their causes, also good or bad.  Farmers have their causes and there are many, many more groups and causes to choose from.  Many people can join these different organizations.  To be a member most times all you have to do is pay the annual dues.  But there is more to these organizations than just paying the dues.  If you are members of an organization, get involved, go to the meetings, voice your beliefs and opinions.  For example, on September 13, 2012 Clare County Farm Bureau will be holding their annual meeting at Brown Corners Church.  If you are a regular member R.S.V.P. at  989-386-4424.  If you go to your township or city meetings or any organization you belong to and get involved you may be surprised how you can help to improve your life as well as your neighbor’s.


Ron Rexer

9920 E Arnold Lk Rd

Harrison, MI  48625

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