Go get your alligator

Dear Editor:

This is funny because I just saw a ‘gator in Budd Lake last week. I looked over the rail at the water (over by the middle of the curves on Townline), and saw what appeared to be ‘gator eyes’ peeping on top of the water, before I could say another word, they went up, and then under leaving airbubbles and rings on the surface.

Everyone in the car laughed at me when I tried to tell them what I saw. So I decided not to mention it again.
I knew some locals have a pet gator, so I knew it was POSSIBLE that one could be there…so I looked it up despite everyone saying that I’m crazy. I have seen many a gator, many a gator documentary and this WAS definately a gator.

Just thought I’d add this info here since I found this page when doing a search on gators in Budd Lake…believe it or don’t, I’m just saying there IS a gator in Budd Lake, so if anyone is missing one…please go and get it before it freezes to death.

Name withheld upon request