Good work Mike – news should be honest

August 2, 2013

Dear Editor:

A retort pointed towards the article produced by Catherine Loeb regarding the Zimmerman case. But first good work Mike. Sometimes the actual truth hurts people who are so enveloped in a false belief or outright agenda. The news should be honest reporting on the facts which you did.

There has been a long history of slavery, discrimination, and poverty you say Catherine. Well, facts are facts, and that is very true. But that also has been taken care of much like witch hunts have been taken care of by society and time. The small pockets which exist on both sides be it black or white are just that, small pockets. To find someone who is truly racist is much harder than you might think. I have “black” friends who can sit around with me and crack racial jokes and laugh about it on both sides because we are grown ups, and have no issue making light of past issues. To say there is a race problem in today’s society only dampens what so many fought against which was racism in its true form.

The jury picked for the Zimmerman trial was done so by the prosecution and defense. Are you saying these people who were picked could not sift through the facts of the case and make a logical conclusion based on the law? Or must there always be a jury of mixed race and then perhaps mixed culture to make some happy? But then would that not constitute a cry of racism? Much like you could say there is today when “minorities” and women get preferential treatment when bidding for government contracts.

Zimmerman set a ball in motion indeed. He spotted someone walking behind his neighbor’s house in the rain at night with a black hooded sweatshirt on with the hood also pulled up and over. Not sure about you, but if someone was walking behind my neighbor’s house looking like that at night I would surely investigate, and you better bet I would have my firearm handy. Unless you have not noticed, criminals are violent. Courage is not facing off against someone in the dark without a firearm, that is just lunacy. Courage is not sitting around waiting for the police which could be 15 or 30 minutes away. Courage is standing up for your neighbors.

If you had watched the trial, you would have seen the facts. Zimmerman was walking back to his car when he was attacked by Trayvon Martin. He was no longer following him.

You say Trayvon was a child? At the age of 17, you are tried as an adult, and if Zimmerman had simply allowed Trayvon to beat on him and survived the attack, or worse killed, Trayvon would have been tried as an adult with a felony or multiple felonies.

Some in the medical field will tell us that the brain is not fully developed until the age of 21-25 approximately. So that must make it quite hard for those who are serving in the Army for instance who attain the rank of E5 (Sergeant) at age 21 or 22 correct? Perhaps we should up that age and even propose they stay with mom and dad until age 25.

You speak of Trayvon’s physical build. You are aware that there are many pictures of this so called child all over the internet? He was not a puny kid, but rather muscular and in shape and bragged about fighting. This is the digital age, and his social media blurps were quickly gather via screen shots by people who knew right away they would be taken down so that he could be made out in a positive light. You are aware his father had a nasty tattoo covered up on his neck prior to the trial right? Did you see that so called role model’s social media posts?

Much of the “mainstream” media who are in bed with the race baiters made sure not to report on that, and also intentionally used younger pictures of Trayvon even photo shopping one of the most popular photos used to make his skin look smoother.
Zimmerman was not just following Trayvon as you stated. Zimmerman called out to Trayvon and asked what he was doing because he was in fact going through people’s back yard. Would you not ask someone what they were doing in your neighbor’s yard at night while dressed in black with a hood up? You fight or flight assertion does not make any sense in this situation. Zimmerman was walking away.

Even Trayvon’s friend told a reporter she believed he started the confrontation saying Zimmerman was getting some “whoopass”.
You bring up a case of a man saying an assailant shot him and his wife? I’m sure the police asked for a description, and this criminal used the most believable make up in that area which was a black man. Have you looked at those statistics lately? The cities are ripe with murders, especially here in Michigan when observing Flint, Saginaw, and Detroit.

Most of this crime is black on black crime you don’t see Sharpton and Jackson going after because it does not score political points. And make no mistake, this case and all the hype that surrounded it was all politics, and Trayvon’s parents have become pawns in a game to keep racial division around and also strike down the stand your ground law which also statistically is used more by “black” males than that of whites or hispanics.

The midterm elections are around the corner, and they already played the sexism card last time. Will you be happy taking away the right for black men and women to stand that ground when they have to live in some of the most dangerous areas surrounded by gangs and drugs? Would that not be racist in the liberal’s mind? They think requiring a simple I.D. to vote is racist which makes any sane person laugh out loud.

The problem is too many people jump on bandwagons. This case was just the bandwagon some politicians and race pimps wanted many of you on. I watched all the testimony so I could make a argument based on the facts when discussing this issue. The jury did not make a wrong choice, they made a choice on the facts and the law. If you want to start sending people to prison on emotions, than perhaps we should also start burning women as witches again and buy slaves from Africans who still practice slavery. Do any of you donate to a cause that stops slavery in Africa who help stir up this racial division here in the U.S.?
And to take a quick stab at Greg Mikulich if I may? You seem to leave out all the “black” racism that exists in this country, and the sheer number of “white” people who are being attacked right now by mobs of “black” folks for simply being “white” Greg.

When you leave out all the facts and/or statistics that just makes you look like every other low information voter in this country and quite frankly not very bright. People who seek to push diversity need not apply Sir. People who don’t care about it are those who deserve praise because they don’t care either way. The only issue most people have in this country that resembles “racism” is actually a culture issue.

I for one do not like men talking like they have marbles in their mouth speaking broken gangsta English with pants hanging down past their butt. It has nothing at all to do with skin color. By the way, have you taken a stroll down a inner city street lately? Seems to be the places while working out of town I have been held up twice, (unsuccessful both times due to my ability to carry a firearm) and also had my truck stolen. That is a culture problem with a group of people who idolize criminal figures.

People are not against Hispanics in this country, they are against people coming here in droves illegally and either committing crimes or sucking off from our welfare programs. Politicians on the left use these people as pawns as well as calling people who do not agree with breaking the law and being awarded for it as racists. These are what we call voting blocks, and when something defies common sense such as calling someone a racist for not agreeing with illegal immigration or agreeing with I.D. when voting it should boggle most people’s minds. But it does whip up a good crowd who will vote for the free stuff and be part of a?? Say it with me! Voting block comprised of low information voters and freeloaders!

Eric Isaac

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  1. twodogsphil Reply

    August 8, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Thanks for this, Eric. I couldn’t have said it better.

    I’m surprised you’ve got no feedback from Catherine.

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