Government not there for us

November 8, 2013

Dear Mike,

I have and I always read your paper. You’re great. I have talked to you on the phone and you told me I can send this to you. Please do put this in the paper. I’m passing it on and I hope other people will.

The government, saying we get entitlements after we have paid in so many years. BS. So when they retired I guess theirs is entitlement too so they should lose theirs. Our tax money. And all our tax money and they sent it all to other countries.

Our government is supposed to be there for us, for the people, not other countries. (They are laughing at us, the other countries).

Why should our government get paid, they don’t help us. Thank you, Mike! I’m passing it on!

Pat M.
Concerned Citizen

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One Response to Government not there for us

  1. vinner38 Reply

    November 17, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Government hasn’t been about actually serving the people since the 1860’s.
    Its all about controlling the people.
    The more they can control “The Folks” the more power they gain and hold.
    Democrats are all about Government controlled “Everything” They know whats best for you. Only the democrats forced this corrupted bill “Obamacare” upon us, Because they intend to control our lives from cradle to grave.
    Seems most folks just allow this to happen year after year by electing the same kind of Controlling folks.
    Seems like The folks would indeed wisen up after all these years.

    Sincerely Vince Eaton

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