Grant officials deny jobs

Dear Editor,

I just came from the Grant Township monthly meeting. If you wanted to witness how frustration is manufactured on a large scale, plan on attending the September meeting.

The secret of getting ahead is to simply get started. Tonight was a no brainer: Would the Township support the City applying for a grant to extend services to the Industrial Park on the north end of Clare? The total expense for GT was $0.00! It would not cost the township anything – no expense, not now, not ever. Just go on record saying you support the City in creating an Industrial Park.

They unanimously voted no! Think of the jobs that have been created in the existing Industrial Park. The Township Board thinks it would be a bad thing to create more jobs for free?

The truth is supposedly stranger than fiction, but this dizzying display logic has left my head spinning. Next time you hear someone say “we need manufacturing jobs in this area” you will know they are not on the Grant Township board.

Tom Kunse

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