‘Grass Police” are at it again

August 9, 2013

Dear Editor,

It seems that just a few years ago the City of Clare had employees without enough regular labor to keep them occupied. So they were sent around town, I’m sure not on foot or horseback, with measuring sticks to check the grass height of city residents. Must be there’s not enough work for them again this summer for the, I call them, “Grass Police” are once again patrolling.

My neighbor just to my east recently received an official “Warning”. The really galling part of this one is that AWOL has been hired to care for their lawn and it has been done regularly. More galling yet is that the lot on the north side of our street and about 3 lots to my east was abandoned and unattended for at least 5 years and the city NEVER stopped by to mow it. That house and lot has been totally updated and is currently a model site.

As well, I’ve been informed by a neighbor to my south that Grass Police has cited him. And the offensive part is the threat to charge $80 if the city (or some hench-business) does it. Now that’s extortion, in my opinion. We wonder if the house just to his east has received a similar warning.

I recommend the City of Clare find something better for its employees than meandering around town looking for long grass. For the amount of taxes charged residents the grass ought to be mowed for free.

Ken Feneley
604 Orchard Ave

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