Happy about restroom renovations at fairgrounds

March 27, 2014

Dear Editor:

I write as a concerned member of Clare County who was in our 4-H program for fifteen years and has served as a small animal judge for the last four years.

I was happy to read in the February 20 edition of The Morning Sun that the Clare County Fairground has been given $17,000 for “restroom renovations”.

I’m sure the first thought on this will be to work on the restrooms under the grandstands. After all, those get a lot of traffic during the concerts and derbys. But I implore you not to forget the restrooms next to our animal barns. These have been in great need of repairs for years. It is one thing to ask our hard-working exhibitors, volunteers, and judges to put up with a sink that’s being supported by a two-by-four and stalls without latches, but when we consider that the general public deals with these problems as well, it is really very embarrassing.

For years I’ve seen the ladies’ room stalls fall apart: the toilets can’t handle the traffic, the toilet paper holders fall apart, and I’ve seen the latches decline from falling apart to not being there at all. Last year during the fair, none of the ladies’ room stalls had latches. This includes the handicap stall. That makes it hard enough for exhibitors who are changing between shows, but when grandmothers who have come to see their grandkids show, have to lean forward and hold the door shut, I am more than embarrassed. How hard can it be to agree to install a few $5 locks? Of course, I can’t vouch for the men’s side, but I can’t imagine it’s much better off. And the two-by-four? Yes, last I saw, that is really what is keeping our sink from falling.

Our fairgrounds are a testament to our integrity as leaders in the community—right down to our restrooms.

By all means, work on the grandstand restrooms as well. I would agree that area has needs also, and yes it does see more people, but people come to the animal barns as well and those people also deserve the best we can give them.

What I ask is for our leaders to use this gift wisely—someone obviously thinks we need it. I don’t know how far $17,000 will get us, but I would hope it’s enough to improve both sites. Surely it can at least buy some $5 locks.

I look forward to seeing what improvements are made.

Erin Roland,
Past Clare 4-H member

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One Response to Happy about restroom renovations at fairgrounds

  1. Libertarian Mama Reply

    April 1, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    I second that emotion. The worst thing about bringing our girls to the fair has always been the restroom. Especially during potty training. I will be glad to see the bathrooms fixed!

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