Hats off to Garfield Twp.

July 12, 2013

Dear Editor:

I retired to Clare County after living/working in Battle Creek for 30+ years.

It was sad to see one community landmark after another lost to the sands of time, the ravages of decay, and the disinterest of citizens. So I am encouraged by the efforts of Garfield Township to restore and revitalize
the community of Lake.

The improvements are noticeable, and I suspect it will do much to re-invigorate community pride. Like many small villages, Lake has its own rich history tied to the lumber and railroad industries. The remaining landmarks are worth honoring and saving. They are a symbol of a people’s history, a sense of belonging and place, defined by those who came before us, helping to carve out the character and personality of the geographic area.

Without those structural landmarks, the visual landscape is forever diminished, and the community’s history first becomes devalued, and then forgotten by future generations.

Hats off to Garfield Township!
Jeanie Stewart, Lake

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