Here’s how the Supreme Court Works

Dear Mike:

In response to your column today in the paper, you must not understand how the Supreme Court works in respect to Prop 8. It has gotten to this level because of two specific cases and some were already heard in lower cases that are now being heard by the Supreme Court. Blaming Obama shows that you have no understanding. Perhaps the fact that Obama has a law degree from Harvard probably gives him more knowledge on the subject than what the citizens of California do.

You must understand that the law plays a part in this, not opinions. EVERYONE has a right to equal rights under the law not one’s religion or moral beliefs. Secondly, as far as the sequester, it will show an effect by the end of the month as most Title 1 monies, WIC funding, Headstart funding, workstudy programs, increases in student loan rates, furloughs of teachers, firemen, police, and first responders will begin to occur. Federal government must give 30 day notices before layoffs.

You never cut spending in a recession. This will put the economy right back into one. Secondly, suggesting that people kill members of Congress, even in jest to make a meaningless point is disgusting. How about quitting govt subsidies to oil corporations rather than to alternative fuel research?

To think that this sequester has no effects but will help lower the deficit – you aren’t seeing the big picture where the people laid off will have to collect unemployment and other types of “entitlements” that you hate so much. You are concerned about the White House tours being cancelled but show no concern for the job losses and such that will affect real people. And your comments about the storm are just pure shameless.

Next time you should try to muse a little longer before writing such nonsense. Or should we just refer to you as the next Dick Allen?

Jason Liptow


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