High gas prices? Maybe it’s just greed

April 25, 2014

Dear Editor:
If you put 20 gallons of gas in your vehicle this past Easter weekend in Harrison, you paid about $5.00 more than had you filled up in Clare.  That’s because a gallon of regular unleaded was going for $3.60 in the south end of the county and a quarter more per gallon to the north. 

Why? Maybe it›s supply and demand.  Maybe it›s the extra cost of transporting the stuff that extra 12 miles and a bit uphill.  Or maybe it›s just greed.  Maybe a rep from the distributor or an oil company will step forward and provide an answer. 

However, while I don›t have an answer for the big difference in gas prices, I do have a helpful website and free application for smartphones that might help.  It›s called Gas Buddy (gasbuddy.com) and allows one to find the price of gas around Clare County and beyond.  I use it, find it accurate and shop accordingly.  While this is only my opinion and I have no relationship with Gas Buddy, you might want to give the site a try the next time you need gas.  After all, you could probably use that $5.00 more than some big company.  I know I can. 

Marty Johnson
Harrison, Michigan

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