Hochstetler responds to Colonville Country Store parking issue letters

November 29, 2018

Dear Editor,

It was very generous of CCRC professional engineer/manager Deepak Gupta to take time out of his busy schedule to design 23 parking spots for the Colonville Store. However, there are a few glitches. Most of the spots in the front yard are right smack on top of a drain field and the rest are obviously on the Rogers Avenue “Road Right-of-way”.

Jack Kleinhardt, Bill Strouse and a deputy would be down here in a jiffy, stating this is illegal. And I’m thinking that “no parking island” would cost the tax payers another $45 – $55,000.00.

Now let’s go to the other parking spots back by the big L.P. tank. For starters, most of these spots are on the stores septic drain field and the rest are very close to the big tank and as paranoid as our supervisor is of brand new smaller tanks, I’m sure Bill Strouse would throw a triple fit about this one. Let’s think SAFETY man!

But let’s give Gupta credit. He tried. He has once again keenly displayed his great talents and capabilities.

Also, just a few words in response to Mike Duggan, Bill Strouse and Deepak Gupta’s “Letter to the Editor” responses, they all like to talk about the many complaints that came in about parking at the Colonville Store.

From the FOIA requests we received back we countered 17 complaints going to the CCRC and the Sheriff’s Department. Of these 17, a whopping 16 were sent in by Leonard and Bill Strouse and one by Rick Glen Fancon. Now you can do the math.

If anyone would be interested in reviewing some of Leonard’s spicy emails they are available at the Colonville Store.

Daniel Hochstetler, Clare

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