Homeland Security conspiracy………. Or is it?

Dear Editor:

Recent reports show the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 2,500 Armored Fighting Vehicles, 7,000 Military Grade rifles, and 2 Billion rounds of small arms ammunition. To put that in prospective, the amount of small arms ammunition expended in the Iraq war considered, they could fight that war for just over 20 years with 2 billion rounds. The vehicles purchased are better than what most National Guard Units have to work with, and even the rifles are better than what many National Guard units are issued. And all this armament is for the Dept. of Homeland Security. A logical person has to question the reason for such a ramp up. I can only point to the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (PCA), subsequent amendments and policy decisions prohibits the use of federal military forces (to include Reserve forces) to perform internal police functions. D.H.S. does not fall under that Act, so it can in fact be used against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Why not arm and staff the National Guard with such weaponry if a foreign invasion was the primary reason for such a ramp up of purchases of this nature, or expand the reserve forces?

Drone aircraft are now able to fly the skies in our country, and the President now has the authority to attack American citizens with drone strikes if they are considered to be acting on, or ready to carry out terrorist acts. Well, let us examine what the term terrorist is today. Other than what most of us consider a terrorist to be, there have been memos leaked from agencies inside the government that are starting to label militias as possible terrorists, even down to returning veterans. Or what some fear this will lead to is anyone who is critical of the government that could “possibly” be engaged in this new broad term of terrorism. Some in D.C. are working on legislation that would strip the County Sheriffs of the power they have as the elected Chief Law Enforcement Officer. The Sheriff in your county has more power than you might think, as do your local elected judges. The federal government is restricted on what they can do inside your county right now. A simple Google search can provide you with all the supporting facts on this.

So when you look at the broader picture which involves disarming the citizens of reasonable defensive arms, wanting to limit the power of your Sheriff, drone aircraft being deployed all over the U.S., the recent purchase orders for the D.H.S., a seemingly intentional stalling and degrading of the economy, with spending habits that defy common sense to most, and a President that is ramping up the divide in this country between both race, and financial status.

Where have I seen such things occur through history? Well, Russia, during the communist revolution, China, with the rise of Mao, and others that include Cuba and Venezuela. Why are they following the same political and social path as those just listed here almost to the letter with the exception we still have the Constitution hanging by a thread, when they know what the outcome is?

Are we to believe they are either that inept, or ignorant? Or do we believe something more sinister is at play. Most people reading this had thought about this in one way or another, but perhaps not to this depth. Am I saying this is absolute fact? No, but as a tactician, if I were to have the goal of destroying the Constitution, and what we know to be the United States for nefarious reasons, they are doing a good job at implementing it.

The economy is the big kicker as people will have to be first financially broken down to such a degree they will take anything they can get for a little security in that regard from leaders in power. With financial collapse comes rather rapid responses from the populace that would include riots, mass looting, crime, etc.. All things that would constitute martial law rather quickly thus putting your constitutional rights on hold.

Some may not like what I say, but if you look at what the new democrats are considering, those who call themselves progressives that is, which in itself is a term coined by the communists to skirt around using the word communist, it speaks volumes to those who yell from the soap box that the goal they have is for a one world government. We hear them say things such as the Constitution is out dated and no longer valid today.

Such things as the possibility of a North American union combining Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one union using the same currency, a voice that in the open is small now, but never the less introduced as possibility. Much like what happened with Europe and the union there using the Euro. These are all steps to centralize power.

There are many other issues at hand that scream conspiracy of course, but what do you, the reader think? Are these things too far out there? Are they seemingly impossible to implement, or not in the realm of reality? To someone like me, that partakes in extensive research, and uses a rare form of thought these days being critical and rational thought, it is very much plausible. But again, is it?

Eric Isaac

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