Hope there’s money for Hill Haven roads

April 3, 2014

Dear Editor,

I read in your paper that Clare County Road is getting extra money from the state for road work. I hope that some will be used to fix the roads in Hill Haven sub.

Or are they going to use it to fix roads where they live, village officers, and state inspectors live.

We have land lords in here if that’s what you would call them. That if there are renter’s vote for any improvements that cost them money, they will raise their rent.

I’ve only seen one grader, grade right in here and they told him to stop. Because people called saying he was on their property. Say it if I’m wrong, but county property is 6’ to 10’ from the road.

I’ve never seen these new graders in here grade right. They plow from the center of the road to the outside, filling in the ditches we use to have in here. So the water stays on our sand roads, because when they come in to fix the road they bring sand not road gravel.

Dover road gets gravel, oh I forgot an attorney and state inspector live on it. Just drive in here one time, best is just after a rain or just ask the school bus driver, Clare County Transit, even the police.

I know we’re last on the list with County Road, unless people start calling in to complain about the road, then sometimes they just do the main road coming in.

For the people in Hill Haven.

Name withheld by request

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